Unlock true potential of your cajon with

A new standard for your percussive expression

At the heart of this breakthrough is a simple setup: attach our specialized Algorhythmo clip-on microphone to your traditional acoustic cajon. Then, connect it to the Algorhythmo interface. 

What happens next is where the magic lies. Our advanced, award-winning AI beat classification technology transforms your familiar cajon beats into an extraordinary range of percussive sounds. Imagine playing a cajon, but hearing the diverse tones of a drum kit, bongos, or even electronic beats – the possibilities are almost endless. This system doesn’t just amplify your cajon; it reinvents it, offering an unparalleled avenue for creative expression and sonic exploration. Whether you’re performing live or recording in the studio, Algorhythmo empowers you to push the boundaries of acoustic percussion.

mic-up your cajon with included Algorhythmo clip-on microphone

enhance the sound of your acoustic cajon with our real time sound auto enhancement technology

real time cajon sound layering with different percussion sounds

usb c midi out

stay up to date with free optional firmware and preset library updates

easy calibration to your own acoustic cajon

crisp screen with wide  viewing angles and high contrast

lots of presets and lots of high quality factory sounds

Velocity-Sensitive Precision

Algorhythmo simplifies your playing experience with three distinct trigger zones on the cajon, each capable of detecting a wide range of playing intensities. For every level of force you apply, from the softest tap to the hardest hit, you can choose from up to 10 unique sound samples. This means you have a diverse palette of sounds at your fingertips, ensuring every nuance of your performance is captured and amplified.

Exceptional sound quality in small package

Our Algorhythmo digital interface is designed for quick and easy access to all essential features. For enhanced control, we’ve developed a mobile app that communicates seamlessly with the Algorhythmo interface via Bluetooth. This app allows you to personalize your experience by creating custom instrument kits and tweaking settings to suit your style, offering an added layer of flexibility and customization.

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